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Crash Bandicoot 1 (Remake) -This is not the old school Mr. Bandicoot

Game: Crash Bandicoot 1 (Remake)

Disclaimer: This is all an opinion.

As the title says, this is not the Crash Bandicoot that you have play back on the original PlayStation. While I must be honest, I did in fact not own any of the original Crash games back in the PlayStation era, or any that came afterward.

I was a Spyro kid.

With that being said, I did in fact play a considerable amount of the Crash games during my childhood, although Crash 1 was the least played. However, this was so long ago in my memory that I had actually forgotten almost all of the game except for very key moments. So, I was delighted when I booted up the first game and was greeted by a great overhaul of pretty much everything that encompassed the original version.

Looks like a Saturday morning cartoon.

The photo above is the re-creation of the first level from the original game and it looks awesome. It looks so good that it is actually deceiving. For whatever reason the visuals trick you into this false sense of a Saturday morning cartoonish adventure that you would view, but since this is a video game you are able to participate in the actions being done on screen.

But wow was I mistaken, this game was one of my hardest and most infuriating times with a game in years. I lost so many lives during the first couple of levels I was tempted to trade or sale the game just so I don’t have to go through with seeing the ending.

A classic, now with more facial fear.

There were many levels in this first outing with Crash that had me stuck receiving endless game over screens from my consistent loss of player lives. That constant evil laugh I heard over and over again taunting me, making it personal. I would name the levels, but I think it would be a disservice to ruin your surprise if you have not played this or the original game yet.

I was having such a hard time with some of the levels I started browsing the internet to see if other people were having such a hard time with this game as I was. During my searching I came across a small confirmed piece of info that shook my spirit. The developer on record changed the slippage of Crash movements and altered the geometry of the level I believe (I could be phrasing this incorrectly). So, this did in-fact conclude that this is not the Crash I remember.

The evil one here is wearing blue shorts.

Even though this is not the Crash I remember, because if I recall correctly Crash 1 wasn’t nearly this hard, that doesn’t mean this is a bad decision on the game developers. Although much more challenging than anticipated I still enjoyed myself for the most part. And felt an extreme amount of relief when I finally reached the end credits.

What’s impressive than anything is that I found out the developers of this remake trilogy didn’t actually have the source code of the original games. This means they made everything from scratch, to which I must commend them. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this game considering I am not one for the platforming genre. If you are wholly against more difficult platforming games even if you have played the originals, I am not sure if I would recommend this to you. But if your feeling bold, go for it.

Rating: 7.0

A solid foundation after decades still holds up today.

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