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Underground Vol.1 (1991-1994) – Nostalgic Without Having Prior Experience

Artist: Three Six Mafia

Album: Underground Vol.1: (1991-1994)

Nostalgia is a weird concept, or at least this is what I believe it to be. The official definition of nostalgia is, “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” The word itself from my understanding stems from a place that is built into or buried within human emotions.

The emotions I would guess most likely would either be attached to something memorable regardless of whether it is positive or negative. But specifically when talking about the word nostalgia, in this context I would assume that it concerns itself with happy memories.

The 90s just looks so cool

With that being said I found it weird that when listening to this album I was experiencing nostalgia even though I had never heard the majority of the material. I think this may be due to music sampling, I say this because I am from the southern area of states in the U.S. I think I may have heard parts or pieces of the theses songs during my formative years without me realizing it until now.

his album starts with a laid back track called, “Ridin’ In Da Chevy Pt. 2”. Which as soon as I heard it, I knew that I had listened to this song being sampled in even today’s music scene, though mostly underground. The project continues to deliver banger after banger, hit after hit.

Highlights in my opinion are:

Ridin’ In Da Chevy Pt. 2
Niggaz Ain’t Barin’ Dat
Chargin’ These Hoes
Paul With Da 45
Mask and Da Glock
Yeah, They Done Fucked Up
Fuck All Dem Hoes

I realize that I just listed quite a few songs from the album(mixtape) but I think that speaks to how strong it is as a musical body of work it actually is. While I don’t necessarily think all the songs on the album are great, I do feel even the bad ones have their place since they try something different. For example “Now I’m High, Really High” sounds almost evil in the way the words almost swirl along water smoothness of the beat.

I did some looking into the old school Memphis, TN rap scene which is where the group Three Six Mafia originate from. And found that they were not actually the genesis behind the conception of this form of rap style. I checked out other songs from that time period, and from my listening it seems while they didn’t invent this style, they definitely came the closest to perfecting it.

Yup they fit the bill of making a dark sounding album

One thing I must note is that I feel this album is more focused on the listening experience sonically and not driven by outstanding lyrical ability. Most of the songs seem to be loops or words or small phrases with some verses sprinkled here and there. This is more of a take on music that you would commit crime to (please don’t), or maybe smoke and drink (in moderation preferably). With that being said if you are someone who really only listens to music for lyrical ability this may not be for you.

Regardless of the down sides of the album it was still pretty influential from my understanding. I looked to see who and what songs were sampled from the album since it came out. Which is pretty amazing how large that collection of songs is, considering the material was recorded in the early 90s of hip hop, this means it has truly lasted the test of time.

This album has piqued my curiosity about the music coming from that region during that time period. Underground Vol.1 was a joy of a hip hop experience, much different than what was coming out and selling well during that time period. Which was mainly east and west coast artists. I wonder if when the material for the album was recorded if they knew they were making an influential album. 

Classic / 10

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