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Rokudou no Onna-tachi: Chapters 1 – 35

Author: Yuuji Nakamura
Debut: June 23, 2016

Disclaimer: I own none of the images used.

Rokudou no Onna-tachi is a school life and romantic comedy, written by Yuuji Nakamura. I randomly found this manga when I was looking for something new to read. I find it a bit funny that I came across this one and took the chance to actually read it. I say this because I am pretty sure the demographic of this manga is shounen, which isn’t something that I frequent all too often anymore as I get older. I would say generally when I read manga it is normally of the Seinen demographic which I think is the adult age range while shounen is young adult(I could be wrong on this).

The main character is a young boy by the name of Tousuke Rokudoe, who from now on I will be referring to as Rokudou. The story starts in a pretty ominous manner, if I am reading correctly I think Rokudou’s grandfather died and he gave him a weird scroll. To which he ended up reading when he wanted to show what was inside in front of his friends. After he opens the scroll, he gets this weird mark in the center of his forehead, and nobody knows what it is supposed to mean.

I wouldn’t be surpised if someone actually has this as a tattoo

Side note: I am curious if the mark has an actual real world meaning close to what the manga says.

Turns out this strange mark gives Rokudou the power of attracting women.(I think this would probably be the world’s greatest superpower in all honesty) However this mark is strangely selective with the women it attracts. The manga calls them bad girls, or delinquents. I am guessing this means they are a bit thuggish or gangster in nature, but I could be wrong. After he realizes that he seems to be attracting a specific personality concerning women, to which he is afraid of them. Oh did I forget to mention the main character is the weak protagonist stereotype. I am honestly curious why this is a thing with manga or anime in general, when in my opinion Japan has a pretty strong warrior culture. So I would assume they would consider themselves strong also, but maybe I am thinking too much into this. 

But anyway next he meets the first “main girl” of the series, her name is Ranna Himawari. And I guess she was star struck or something when she looked at Rokudou with that mark. Because, next thing you know she transfers to his school and is even in his class.(If this happened to me, I am not sure if I would be flattered or concerned for my safety.) Turns out Himawari is some sort of badass, like I mean she completely obliterates this group of guys, who should definitely be dead from those kinds of injuries.

If your girl doesn’t have mean hook like this dump her

Next it seems that Rokudou is a bit overwhelmed by all that has happened, and is just wondering why can’t he just have a happy life.( we’re all wondering this about ourselves bud). A classmate by the name of Iinuma is bullying Rokudou, at this point I think they are setting him up to be his first rival. He kinda bullies Rodokou and it seems that this happens a lot to him, and now I guess is the best time as any that he wants to become manlier. Iinuma beats up Rokudou pretty badly and so Rokudou asks for help from Himawari, and wow she kicks Iinuma’s ass. After this Iinuma seems to have a change of heart and wants to become friends with Rokudou.

Side Note: I have never understood this about manga, if I ever took a beating like the kind in manga and anime, there is zero chance we’re friends after.

A person by the name of Osanada has noticed the attention that Rokudou has been receiving as of late. This part was actually pretty funny to me, I don’t know what I was expecting based on how they described this person. But what was revealed certainly wasn’t who I thought it would be, the big bad Osanada actually turns out to be a small girl. But omg this tiny human is a beast when it comes to fighting. Her looks are very misinforming, and makes me question how such a tiny body is able to generate so much power. If you haven’t guessed yet but since Osanada is a girl who is also bad, guess who she ends of liking. If you guessed Iinuma your wrong it’s actually Rokudou, and it’s actually her first crush.(There is this really funny scene I won’t spoil here).

Warning Osanada not to be messed with

Rokudou is on a mission to turn bad girls that like him into good law abiding citizens. Since the class had to decide on a class project that is due, he chooses to observe plants. I would probably be down for this, I myself like plants. But it turns out the class doesn’t want to do this because they are all delinquents, so I guess they aren’t allowed to like things of this nature. But they change their mind when Osanada has something to say about it. And the funny thing here is that the class actually enjoyed observing the plants, it was a pretty refreshing chapter that reminds people, you never know what you enjoy until you try it.

Some of these people faces lol

Next we get a taste of Osanada’s backstory and it seems that she, despite her size has always been very strong. One of the guys in her “crew” noticed this and became her full time underling, he wants her to join some alliance. Osanada is on the cusp of joining this group of bad people when Rokudou breaks into the hideout to rescue her(its so dramatic too haha). This alliance is actually called the Onishima alliance and Rokudou, Himawari, and Osanada fight them. Rokudou, not a fighter gets his butt kicked again. They end up escaping by putting oil on the floor so the bad guys can’t chase them. After all that everything settles down for a bit, and they have a relaxing bonding day.

I’ll be a bit more brief with the next arc, I didn’t really care for it. They introduce a new girl who loves motorbikes. She is chasing some guy that is literally fighting people on bikes while riding much faster than the presumed speed limit. Turns out she’s also a bad girl who thinks of Rokudou as her charming prince. A bunch of people end up in the hospital and there is a small ride scene at the end. Also while I didn’t care much for this little story, there is a really touching end part to it that I was still able to admire.

I ride a bike to work, this was me the first month

After all that, we get another bonding chapter and we get to see Himawari in normal clothes. In my honest opinion she could probably be a model, she definitely has the look. Next, Rokudou still has the Onishima Alliance’s attention and now they want to fight him exclusively I presume. Upon finding this out Rokudou’s class gets a new unexpected six transfer students(I wonder if transferring is actually this easy in Japan). Within the six transfer students are a set of twins, that have a bit of a surprise that I won’t spoil. The six are led by this guy who has this unique ability to tell if someone is lying from just looking at them. He tries this on Himawari and utterly fails. Right after this Rokudou and his closest friends are heading home and the trio splits up, one of his friends is then attacked and they break his fingers in a really disrespectful way, I honestly felt bad for the guy.

The transfer students

End thoughts

I recently came across this manga and have found myself liking almost all of what I have read. There are some really funny parts here that I didn’t want to spoil so keep an eye out for those. Overall I think this manga might be a small diamond in the rough, it feels a bit old school and new at the same time. I will continue reading, I can’t wait to see who poor Rokudou ends up with at the conclusion. I hope you enjoyed what you have read in the review and will read, buy, and support this manga as you can.

Rating: 7.5/10

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